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Reclocker SDI 3G multi-taux

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The GS2986 is a multi-rate serial digital reclocker designed to automatically recover the embedded clock from a digital video signal and retime the incoming video data.

It will recover the embedded clock signal and retime the data from a SMPTe 424M, SMPTe 292M, or SMPTe 259M-C compliant digital video signal.

A serial host interface provides the ability to configure and monitor multiple GS2986 devices in a daisy-chain configuration.

Adjustable input trace equalization (eQ) for up to 40" of FR4 trace losses, and adjustable output de-emphasis (De) for up to 20" of FR4 trace losses, can be configured via the host interface.

The GS2986 can operate in either auto or manual rate selection mode. In Auto mode, the device will automatically detect and lock onto incoming SMPTe SDI data signals at any supported rate. For single rate data systems, the GS2986 can be configured to operate in Manual mode. In both modes, the device requires only one external crystal to set the VCO frequency when not locked and provides adjustment free operation.

The GS2986 accepts industry-standard differential input levels including LVPeCL and CML. The differential data and clock outputs feature selectable output swing via the host interface, ensuring compatibility with most industry-standard, terminated differential receivers.

The GS2986 features dual differential outputs. The second output can be configured to emit either the recovered clock signal or the re-timed video data. This output can also be disabled to save power.

In systems which require passing of non-SMPTe data rates, the GS2986 can be configured to either automatically or manually enter a bypass mode in order to pass the signal without reclocking.

The GS2986 is Pb-free, and the encapsulation compound does not contain halogenated flame retardant. This component and all homogeneous sub-components are RoHS compliant.



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